Need For Jogging Speed

In this example, a yarn is created that can be used by joggers, where music is only heard when the jogger is running. The yarn comprises 3 simple circle scroops, a blue, a yellow and a red one. The condition for the blue and the yellow one is set so that it can be activated only when the speed is at least 3m/s. The red one is activated when the speed is lower than 3m/s.

When the red scroop is activated (only at speeds lower than 3m/s), the volume of all playing sounds is dropped to 0, since the red scroop has the overlaid property set to 0.

The blue scroop is a start scroop and has the music sound associated with it. It has only one next scroop, the yellow one. The yellow scroop has as a next scroop and as a stop scroop, the red one. Thus when it gets activated (the speed is at least 3m/s) the red scroop stops and the volume of all playing sounds is raised at full volume. Finally, the red scroop has only one next scroop, the yellow one, and in this way the yarn goes from the yellow scroop as a state to the red one and back to the yellow one, whenever the speed of the jogger increases or decreases. In the simulator the slow speed is represented by 'walking' and the faster one by 'bike'.